About Us

Who we are?
WMA SHIPPING is an aspiring logistics & business Services Company started in Sudan since 2016. Our collective experience in shipping allows us to provide firsthand services in the rising market of Sudan.
Whether you have a small crop exporting business or big importing company our quality services will help you improve your business.

Our Mission:
To provide a high quality logistics and business services.

Our Vision:
To become a leading logistics and business services company in Sudan and on a Global scale.

Our Values:
Honesty: We believe that honesty is the best way to do business and retain our customers.
Commitment: Committing to our promises and agreements through thick and thin is what we do.
Confidentiality: In a world of extreme competition keeping our clients’ business information confidential is a must.
Perseverance: Logistics offer a wide variety of challenges especially in a rapidly changing environment such as Sudan. Thus, we work hard to provide solutions.